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So Very Important

Your site MUST be able to be found in Google on Page ONE!

Today's modern Internet basically comes down to Google and Bing/Yahoo when your customers are looking for a service or business. Google by far has the majority of searches being done by users. In our opinion and experience, if a site is properly optimized for Google's standards we have found that Bing/Yahoo follows suit. Bing and Yahoo now share the same index which eliminates the need to optimize for Yahoo search. Contact Us, E-mail or simply call anytime at 321-405-7810 for more information or to get started.

The Problem with Google

Google Search optimization Palm Bay Florida

Google works off of a very intricate search algorithm. They began making major changes to that algorithm last year and have made HUGE changes in May-June 2014 and again the following year by forcing site owners to have responsive sites which render properly on all devices such as cell phones, tablets and all computers.

The reason for this was to get rid of unhelpful sites. Google's main concern is that when a search is done, you actually find what you are looking for. Aesthetics matter very much to Google. If your site isn't pleasing to the eye and well laid out, you will be penalized and moved down in the Google rankings (Not to mention, prospective customers are less likely to spend time on an unappealing website). Once in the Google dog house it is nearly impossible to get out. So, allow us to create your web presence the proper way and watch your business grow.

Kevin Burke Web designers stays on top of changes that are made by Google. Nobody knows their exact algorithm or how they actually rank sites. If they tell you that they do then they are lying to you.

We have always been able to find a way to get our clients a very good Google ranking. Most of clients are found on page ONE of search results in there respective markets. Nobody every goes beyond the first page of results while doing a search. The human attention span and need for instant gratification is what it is. If they don't find you on page one then they simply do another search.

As we have stated, we do not know Google's algorithm but we always figure out how to get a site to the top. I can prove this. If anyone else makes this claim, please ask them to prove it as well.

About Our Company

Kevin Burke Web designers has over 20 years of experience developing successful websites.  We're located on Florida's Space Coast in the Palm Bay Florida area but have grown to have clients all over the World. Our philosophy is simple: Design a quality, attractive and functional website for a client and then ensure a page one listing on Google and all other search engines to grow your business.


What we do

- Web Design

- On-Line Marketing

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

- Marketing and Branding

- Mobile App Development for iOS, Windows 10 and Android

- Custom PHP, SQL and C+programming

About Marketing

Once your website is built correctly and then optimized properly for Google, Bing/Yahoo and all other search engines, we will stay with your project for the next 90 days, at no additional cost, to ensure proper placement within the respective indexes. No monthly fees and no contracts!

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